Sunday, August 13, 2017

This week has been a good one. Elder Baxter is an awesome missionary
and we have worked well together. We had a lot of investigators drop
us lately though and it's kinda sad. But we have been trying hard to
find new people. Our on date investigator, Shane is moving to Bandon
on the coast and so we are pretty sad about that too. We will miss

We met some crazy people lately. One lady was a bit wacky so we hopped
on the bus trying to get away from her because she was telling us
people were going to kill us haha. As we drove away she tried to chase
us on her bike and was screaming. Eugene for ya. Another guy told us
that we needed to get ready because Donald Trump was the anti-Christ
and he knew the future because the Lord showed him. We talked to him
for a bit and when it didn't go anywhere we just thanked him for his
warning and left him rambling about how Paul had no Apostolic
authority. Haha so Elder Baxter has been here two weeks and already
met some winners.

Yesterday I went on splits with one of the Zone leaders so he could go
out to the Blue River Branch church meetings and his companion could
stay here with their investigators. It was very fun and I met some
good people, tiny branch though.

Oh and when I came back from Blue River we met at our church building
in Springfield, and I saw a lady who had been baptized in Eugene 3rd
before I got there whom I had the privilege to teach new member
lessons to. I heard she had moved and nobody knew where she was and it
broke my heart to hear she wasn't active anymore. But when I got to
the church building I saw her walking out and almost cried! I ran up
and was like "Grace!!!!" And she probably thought I was crazy but then
recognized me. We talked for a bit and she told me about how she just
moved and got to nervous to go a new Ward but she felt like she need
to be there that Sunday. So happy I got to see her again.

Anyway more next week! Love ya!

~Elder S. Jackson Martin