Monday, May 22, 2017

This week has been good. Shauna and her Kid's baptism got pushed back
to the 3rd of June. We are working with them and they are way excited.
We have been working hard and finding a lot of people. Super happy to
be here in Springfield. Elder McCleary has been incredible and I've
enjoyed being his comp. This is a 7 week transfer so transfers will be
taking place on the 5th.

Anyway all is good here I had interviews with President. It was
awesome. He's such a good guy. Haha he is going home pretty soon. Hope
he's not trunky.

Anyway love you all!!!

~Elder S. Jackson Martin

April 24, 2017

It has been a wonderful week. I got here with Elder McCleary he is a
wonderful companion and right when I got here we went hard to work. We
have a few people on date here and a lot of people we are working
with. We have been running all over the place here in the Springfield
3rd Ward finding and teaching. We have a family on date. It is a
single mom named Shauna and two kids Hailey and Hayden. They are the
bomb. They are so excited to be learning the gospel and will be
baptized this May. I'm glad I get to be a part of it.

At church we had six of our investigators there this week. We were so
happy to see so many people at church. We actually have a goal to by
the end of the transfer have more than 13 investigators at church.
Also as a Zone we tried to find 100 new investigators this week. We
hit 93 as a zone. It was pretty awesome to be a part of.

Cool miracle last night, we had been having a kind of tough time
finding investigators but we had faith that someone would be put in
our path. So after tracting most the day after church at 8:00 we just
decided to walk down Main Street and talk to everyone we saw. We had
talked to a lot of people and it was about 8:35 and nobody was
interested. But with a prayer in our hearts we kept going and came
across Chris. He said he was very interested in learning and that our
timing couldn't have been better. We were ecstatic! We figured out
where he lived and talked about the Plan of Salvation with him. It was
a great way to finish off our night last night.

I've been having a lot of fun here. Elder McCleary is a fun and very
hard working Elder. I'm so excited to keep working. Love you all!!!

~Elder S. Jackson Martin