Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Well team this week has sure been a good one. We didn't teach as many
lessons as we may have liked but holy cow the miracles we saw!!!!!
Yesterday at church we were a little disappointed because only one
investigator named Dan was at church when it started. I don't know
what it is but sometimes getting investigators to church is really
hard. Then out of nowhere George and his whole family walked in five
minutes late and then right after them came 2 investigators that we
hadn't even been able to contact in a while! We were so blown away! We
thought that was awesome and then a lady named Jodie walked in.
Earlier in the week we had been tracting and knocked on a door and a
lady named Jodie answered the door  and told us that her Grandpa used
to be the Branch President and she almost got baptized when she was
younger but got offended by some church member. When we talked to her
she was friendly but told us she was hesitant to come back and take
the lessons. Elder Johnson and I said "As authorized representatives
of the Lord Jesus Christ we apologize on behalf of the church and
would like for you to come to church on Sunday." She said she would
think about it but no promises. When we saw her walk into church we
were so blown away! The coolest part was that she got a ride from a
member! BOOM fellowship!!! So that's 5 at sacrament meeting! We were
so happy but more importantly so were they.

George will be getting baptized Saturday! We had his interview and he
passed with flying colors. George asked me yesterday if I would give a
talk… that'll be interesting but I'm happy to do that for George. He
is such an awesome guy and we feel like he will be a strong asset to
the Branch. I'll send y'all pictures!

Randomly on Friday I started getting sharp pain in my ribs. Every time
I'd breath outward or laugh it would hurt worse. That wasn't okay
because people kept making me laugh. I called the mission nurse and
she said I probably have some enflamed ribs or something and so now
every six hours I have to pop Ibuprofen and apply heat to my ribs. It
hurts a lot less now but it was scaring me pretty bad earlier. Also on
Friday Elder Johnson taught another good district meeting. They
changed the districts so now we have 4 companionships in our district
instead of three. Since it's a set of elders we get to do more
exchanges! Yay! We got to know all the new members of the zone Friday
which was fun. Elder Gage is a new 2nd Ward Elder and it turns out
that Elder Holman was his last companion. I was so glad to hear that
because I love Elder Holman. He's one of the best Missionaries the OEM
has to offer. So yep.

This week has been good, we are so excited to keep working hard.
Thanks for all your prayers and support! I love you all!!!

Elder S. Jackson Martin
Oregon Eugene Mission
Oakridge Branch

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