Saturday, October 8, 2016

This week has been absolutely wonderful! I am now in Eugene 3rd Ward
and I am loving it! There is a ton of great members here and I have a
great companion; Elder Wheldon. This area is very nice because we have
the Mission Office in our ward boundaries so if we ever need anything
we can just stop on by and they will let us know when our mail arrives
within the hour. It's a good deal. Also in our area is part of the U
of O campus. It is cool to see people our age but since there are YSA
Elders, anytime there is anyone between 18-31 years old that we find
then we have to give them over to them to teach.

My first day here we went and saw a less active member. He was a super
nice guy and it was good to meet him. It was interesting to hear his
story. He came from California when his wife had told him that she
didn't love him anymore and wanted a divorce. He came to Eugene with
almost nothing and felt betrayed. He still loves the Lord and the
Church but feels that without his family he doesn't know where he fits
in the Church. I couldn't help but cry with him when he told us about
his situation. We encouraged him to keep talking with the Lord and
read his scriptures. He said that he would but didn't feel ready to
return to church. We invited him to come out on a teaching visit with
us sometime and we were surprised when he said that in a couple months
he would be happy to. We hope we can help spark somethings in him and
help him feel the same joy in the gospel that he once experienced. He
said he would watch conference so I hope he did.

Besides that we just worked hard and found a few new people. It was
real fun. I loved conference. It felt so good to be so well fed
spiritually. Yep good stuff! This week will be grand! Love you all!

~Elder S. Jackson Martin

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