Sunday, March 12, 2017

February 20, 2017

We had a good week. We went on exchanges with our ZLs and it was way
fun. I went with Elder Borden who is the largest most ripped Hawaiian
I know. We had a great time and he's a very good Elder. Besides that
we've just been having fun with the work out here. We are trying to
find some more people to teach but we've tracted almost The Whole
town. We are working hard on Formers and Potentials. Today was
awesome. We got to play ball with the Priest in the Ward. I'm not any
good but Elder Ross is going to play college ball and the priest,
Tanner is playing varsity at the high school. It was awesome. Anyway
have a great week! Love you all!

~Elder S. Jackson Martin

February 27 - no letter

March 6, 2017

This week we got to go up to Medford for a zone conference. It was a
great uplifting meeting. I got to see Elder Willits and some of my
other former companions there. It was a good experience. Elder Ross
was very excited. His last zone was medford so he enjoyed going back
and seeing some of the missionaries he served with. We got to hear
from President and everyone so it was very good.

Our investigators on date have been struggling. Especially Mark. He
keep making his mind up to quit but doesn't hold out ver long. Right
now he's on a downward spiral and just keeps drinking more and more.
We are really worried about him. Andrew is doing great. He's so solid
and it's so good to see him being so active. He should be receiving
the Aaronic Priesthood this next Sunday so we are pretty pumped up
about that.

This week we had a lot of success passing out Book of Mormon copies.
We decided at the beginning of the week that we would focus on just
talking to people about the Book of Mormon. It went really well and we
passed out quite a few this week and in turn we got a good number of
return appointments. It was really cool what The Book of Mormon can

Anyway that's about it! Thanks for all the prayers and support! Later!!

~Elder S. Jackson Martin

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