Sunday, April 9, 2017

It has been a pretty good week. Elder Mata and I had a heck of a time
contacting people since it was spring break. Don't know what's up but
all of our people seem to be hiding. But it has been fun going around
and talking with the various people here in Medford. I don't know what
it is but here I seem to meet more people that want to bible bash with
us than I have my whole mission. I have tried to just be humble and
not argue but I find it hard and a couple times I have fallen into the
trap of Satan and began to argue back which only leads to more
contention. The only thing I feel actually accomplishes anything is to
bear testimony and leave them with that.

Elder Mata has been more willing to work. We had a good talk about how
he wanted to end his mission. Interviews with President this week
really made him think about what his priorities were. Even though it
is still somewhat difficult he is definitely doing much better. We
listened to a talk called; Following Christ to Victory from April 1979
conference (great talk highly recommended you all read it or watch
it). It inspired us when it talked about how tracting and things like
that help show the Lord that we are willing to work and he in turn
blesses us. President Russell then extended to us an invitation to do
a 9-9 which is tracting from 9am to 9pm. He said it would help our
companionship do better and we both have agreed so one of the days
this week we are going to be tired beyond belief. Pray for us.

General Conference was incredible. I was very inspired by the messages
shared and I was really lead to think about a lot of things I can work
on. I was very inspired by Dallin H. Oaks who always says it like it
is, and his comments on the Godhead. I was deeply touched by the
Priesthood session and felt so much more committed to being a
effective missionary after that session. Basically I loved it all and
was very happy to once again hear from Thomas S. Monson who has always
served the Lord with everything he has. I feel now more than ever that
he is a prophet and felt very glad to sustain him.

So that was the week. Kind of scattered in the email here but its all
good. Have a great week and thanks for all you do!

~Elder S. Jackson Martin

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