Monday, April 25, 2016

Not a whole ton happened this week so this email might be short. We
taught 11 lessons this week which wasn't too bad at all. Our
investigators and Recent converts are all doing really well! We've
been able to meet with the them often. We didn't get anymore people on
date for baptism which was a bummer so this week we sure will. It
doesn't look like we'll be getting a baptism this month which kind of
stinks. My goal was to have 1 a month and I've not come too close to
reaching that goal. I'm 8 months out now and have had 4 baptisms so
that's not bad at all.

This week we went out to Westfir to kind of get to know the area over
there since it is in our area but we don't go out there much. We found
this cool covered bridge which was really neat. Westfir is a tiny
little town just outside of Oakridge and its way spread out. We also
had a really good district meeting this week once again by Elder
Kroll. He's a way good district leader and an awesome teacher. It's
always good when you have good leadership in the zone because things
run so much better. Elder Davis is continuing to be a great Companion.
We are really low on miles on the car and it looks like we might go
over this month on miles. Two days ago we had a movie night and we
invited a ton of people but nobody showed up! Not really we had a few
people come and we got to watch Meet The Mormons  at the church.
Church was also great. Some Laurels from the 4th Ward came and spoke
to us so we had a good sacrament meeting. In Oakridge the stake sends
a lot of guest speakers since we have so few people.  We got to sit in
on Primary second hour and help teach the lesson which was way fun.
The children were really rowdy so I told them if they were really
quiet and reverent they could have the Missionary Award. Of course
that got them quieted down right away and we had a good lesson then I
haD to think of something to give them which ended up being a fist
bump from the missionaries which they really liked. Then we taught the
young men third hour and talked about serving missions. They had a lot
of questions about it all and it was good to talk to some kids getting
ready to serve. It was a pretty dang good week.

Still loving the mission. I feel like I grow more everyday. Love you
all! And I love hearing from you.

Elder S. Jackson Martin
Oregon Eugene Mission
Oakridge Branch

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