Monday, April 11, 2016

So pretty good week this last week. First of all we got to go to a
Mexican restaurant with Sister Fine. That was pretty awesome I ate
some habanero hot sauce and just about burn my face off which kind of
stunk. For the most part we've just been doing the same old thing
trying to have appointments having appointment cancel on us we didn't
have very many lessons this week like seven total. Something pretty
scary happened though. We went to Joe's house and we sat down with him
and like the first thing he says is you know what I decided that
instead of having you guys baptize me I would just have my pasture
friend come and sprinkle me. Yeah... that's awkward and suddenly we
realized we probably didn't explain priesthood authority nearly as
good as we should've even though we talked about it like five times
already but whatever. After a lot of explaining we were finally able
to persuade him to go forward with the baptism. His only real problem
was that he didn't want to have to drive all the way to Springfield
just to be baptized.We pointed out to him that Jesus walked a very
long way to go be baptized by John the Baptist I don't  know what he
got out of that but I thought it was good. By the time we left I think
he really understood the need for priesthood authority. Then we had
his interview for baptism and he passed. We are super excited for his

We went and saw Shauna and Troy as well and they're doing pretty good.
They gave us a chair which was pretty exciting. Now we have a nice
place to sit. General conference was really good we watched one
session with Shauna and Troy and another session with Bill and Tina
Allen who are some members in the ward, super awesome. Bill is the one
who baptized George. Yeah we loved the Saturday session it was awesome
and the priesthood was Flippin awesome you know that the church is
true when Dieter F. Uchtdorf makes a Star Wars reference. Sunday was
really awesome too we had a lot of fun and General conference was just
me being. Unfortunately we went to Joe's house and he was not able to
get the general conference station which made me want to cry. I think
the Sunday afternoon session was my favorite. As always Jeffrey R
Holland is the bomb.

Anyway it's been a pretty good week. I really enjoyed it. Yeah pretty
great so far. The mission is going good I'm enjoying myself as always.
Can't wait for Joe's baptism it'll be awesome. Transfers are next week
and Elder Johnson will be leaving me. This is a real bummer. Elder
Johnson I have come pretty close in our 12 weeks of party time. I look
forward to seeing what will happen next.,!? Thanks for all your
support I love you all! Sorry this was so short

Elder S. Jackson Martin
Oregon Eugene Mission
Oakridge Branch

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