Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hey there team! Things in Merlin are still excellent! We are trying to
get lessons and do service and it's going pretty well. It's been 100°
weather around here and that kind of sucks but that's okay. We luckily have AC in the apartment which is a way good thing. We have been
trying to keep our room as cold as possible which works okay. Anyway
but yeah a pretty good week.

This week we taught our recent convert Cassie which was a delight.
Turns out she is going to move closer to her fiancé for a while until
they can move out here. I believe she is actually moving to the La
Grande area? That'll be cool since Grammy and Papa live there but idk
where exactly she's going. We have been visiting Tim a lot trying to
get him more comfortable with us so that hopefully he will be
baptized. We met with a less active named Don this week which was
cool. He was a great guy who was just really interested to learn.
Besides that our finding continues and we have yet to find an
investigator. We have set up a missionary sports night every Friday
and told all the youth to bring as many friends as they could. So
hopefully that will go well because all the youth were way excited.

Yep things are still good. This email is late. I'll try to get more
detail next week!!! Love you all!!!

Elder S. Jackson Martin
Oregon Eugene Mission
Merlin Ward

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