Tuesday, June 21, 2016

So this week Daniel L. Johnson of the Seventy showed up for a Zone
Conference! It was so spiritual I loved it! Haha he asked us what the
major difference between us as missionaries and the Mission President
and wife and haha I stood up and said "I'm not married!" And I
seriously thought that that was the right answer! But then everybody
laughed at me! So instead I pretended that I was joking to avoid the
awkward! Guys it was so funny!!!! Anyway yep good times!!! We heard
tons of great stuff and we saw so many great missionaries there I
haven't seen in a long time.

The rest of the week we hit the streets and it was so grand! We met so
many people who were not interested and it hurt my heart. Silly people
are so lost. But then we had a good week of teaching a few lessons
including to Tim and a Less active member named Don. It was so great
to see them.

We are having a lot of success having the young men bring their non
member friends to events. It's always so good to see them do
missionary work. There is one named Crayson. He is a stellar kid and
wants to be baptized but his parents are a bit hesitant. The plan is
to keep working with them so that he can take the lessons. It's been a
great time.

This week as well since Elder Johnson was coming to zone conference I
wanted to cut the hair that was touching my ears back so I could look
presentable for a general authority. I asked Elder Egan if I could
have the phone to call a sister in the ward and get a real quick snip
and he said, " Nah elder I'll do it!" And I actually thought he
sounded confident in his ability to cut my hair so I said "sounds
good!" So during our dinner hour he gave it a real quick cut with his
electric razor. Yeah dumb idea. My hair looked ridiculous! Haha he
like made them super uneven and then he just started laughing and was
like "Yeah okay let's call Sister Goodpasture." So thank goodness that
wonderful angelic sister was able to give me a haircut to mostly
repair the damage. It's kind of the most different haircut I've ever
had but it worked out.

So yep good week! It's been a great p day! Thanks y'all for all you do
and I love you!

Elder S. Jackson Martin
Oregon Eugene Mission
Merlin Ward

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