Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Since we had transfers yesterday we did not end up having the time to email so we are emailing today. It's been super crazy. I was on the transfer Truck with the APs for 2 hours and then when we got to Eugene we had a 2 hour drive out to North Bend. Cool thing happened! One of my tightest mission friends, Elder Holman, just became the new AP! I was pretty pumped about that. I had a good last week in Merlin. Elder Egan and I were trying hard to have a good last week of the transfer. Unfortunately since Merlin has been so slow for the past 10 months we got a call Friday night saying that President was going to close down the area. So Elder Egan and I had to clean the apartment to perfection. Elder Egan got sent to Roseburg and now I'm here in North Bend on the coast right by Coos Bay. It's absolutely Beautiful. It's so cool being over on the coast.

I'm pretty bummed to leave all of my cool homies in Grants Pass. I made some awesome friends. It was the first time that I got along with all the sister missionaries which was fun. Usually I didn't talk to them much but in that zone we got to party with them all the time. Anyway it was an incredible experience over there and its a shame to have been six week shafted but I'll go back and visit for sure. 

Now I've been called as a District Leader out here with my new Companion Elder Batt. He is about to go home at the end of this transfer so President told me to, "Keep him away from being trunky at all costs!" We double transferred into here so honestly neither of us know the area or even what's going on. Luckily we share a ward with the ZL's so they have filled us in on a lot of stuff. Our district consists of us, the ZL's, and the STL's. I'm excited to be out here and can't wait to get to know the area. Already just walking to the Church we had 3 people honk at us and wave, 2 people say 'Thanks for your service." and 1 person ask how many wives we have. Haha we are loving it!!!

Elder S. Jackson Martin
Oregon Eugene Mission

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