Monday, July 25, 2016

This has been a pretty good week this week. We have been able to meet more investigators which has been good except a lot of them took the change as an opportunity to drop us. That stunk bad. But we have a few golden investigators. Yesterday we got one of them to come to church! Her name is Janet and she is super stellar. She's been working really hard to quit smoking so she can get baptized so be sure to pray for her. 

I ripped yet another pair of pants by challenging Elder Fowers my zone leader to a race. We ran in our parking lot and I biffed it and shredded my pants and my arm. My pride was hurt more than I was but it was still fun. We have been getting fed pretty good which is exciting. Elder Batt and I have been walking everywhere since he sent home his bike so it's been a blast. We get flipped off a lot though. Cool thing happened two days ago. We were walking and then someone drove by and waved then whipped around and came back to talk to us. It was a man who served in North Bend 37 years ago! It was nuts. The craziest part was that his daughter knew Elder Batt's brother in college! Since Elder Batt is going to USU in a few weeks him and her will be going to school together! Haha he won't admit it but he is pretty stoked.

Everything has been going good. Just kickin butt and taking names is all. Later! Hope y'all are doing well! 

Elder S. Jackson Martin
Oregon Eugene Mission

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