Monday, August 15, 2016

Oh boy what a crazy time out here on the coast! Elder Batt is suiting
up to go home today and I am getting transferred yet again! I'm
getting transferred to the Coos Bay Area which is right next to North
Bend and will be opening it up for Elders. They haven't had a set of
Elders in like a year so they are really pumped. So I got my call
Friday night and President said "Elder Martin I need you to stay where
you are at and you will get Elder Kellerstraus who will need to be
follow up trained." So I was like neat! I get to stay in North Bend
and train a noob. Then I got a call from the APs and they told me that
there was a switch up and that I would be getting Elder Kellerstraus
and Elder Deppe (Who came out with me) and be in a threesome because
Elder Deppe was supposed to train but one of the trainees went home
from the MTC so they needed somewhere to stick him. Then Elder Holman
said, "Oh and President was mistaken you are being moved to Coos Bay!
Haha so now I'm Opening an area/follow up training/being in a
threesome/district leader. THIS IS GOING TO BE AN AMAZING TRANSFER! I
know for sure that Elder Deppe is an amazing missionary and I hear
awesome things about the other guy. I know we will have an awesome
transfer! Oooo and they are giving us a car! So I don't have to bike
with two other dudes behind me! I'm super pumped!

This week has been awesome! We found a few new investigators this week
who seem pretty solid. One of them we got a call from the mission
office and they gave us a referral. From Washington. It is a women
named Melanie who has been investigating the church for six years
because her friend in Washington had been sharing the gospel with her.
The problem is that her husband neglects her and doesn't support her
in anything. She is super afraid of him and he is just straight up
awful to her. It is a really dicey situation and I feel super bad for
her! Her husband sounds awful. But we sat down with her and taught her
about the restored gospel in more depth. Turns out she had already
read the Book of Mormon clear to Jacob! It was so awesome and she said
she knew it was true and that she wanted more than anything to be
baptized! It was such a powerful experience. But since her husband is
such a hater it's a huge road block but we are praying for her. She is
so prepared and we hope it all works out for her! Be sure to pray for

So awesome week is the moral of the story! Oh man so much wonderful
stuff! Sounds like Coos Bay is an awesome Ward and I can't wait to
serve the people there! Yeehaw! Thanks for all the love and support!

Elder S. Jackson Martin
Oregon Eugene Mission
North Bend Ward

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