Monday, August 29, 2016

So this week has been pretty dang good. We have still been hitting the
streets pretty hard trying to find new investigators. It has been
pretty dang awesome. We have had a lot of meaningful conversations
this week and a few new investigators which is always awesome. Since
Elder Kellerstrass is still in training we have been working a ton on
his door approaches and finding techniques which has been good for

Other than a whole lot of tracting this Ward is super neat because
they have a night where a bunch of people get together and they all go
out to members and less active's homes and try to encourage everyone
to make a family mission plan. It's been a great way to get to know
people in the ward. I don't know if I have mentioned this before but
we do service at a place called the Crossroads Community Café which is
a neat little volunteer place. Haha all we do is wash dishes so my mom
will be pleased to know that I'm getting good at it. We meet a lot of
cool people there and it is a great opportunity to get out in the

Out here in Coos Bay we share a ward with the Sister missionaries,
Sister Leavit and Sister Sorensen. This week Sister Leavit got a call
from President Russell and it turns out that the first ever Spanish
Sister in the OEM was coming from Mexico and had just obtained her
visa and needed a trainer. So Sister Leavit was called to Klamath
Falls to train her and teach her English essentially. It was so crazy
so now Sister Sorensen is beating placed in a tripanionship with the
two Sister Training Leaders who will now be covering both Coos Bay and
North Bend. It's been super crazy. So we had a going away party for
Sister Leavit during lunch on Thursday which was a blast. While we
were doing that Sister Megan Allen who had just got done serving in
Coos Bay came and visited with her family so we got to see her too.
I'll send some pictures.

We had interviews with President which went really well. He's a great
Mission President.

We had a ward Barbecue this week that was put on by the Ward
Missionaries. We came and went around talking to people about making
family mission plans which was a great opportunity. Also the food was
very good.

Finally yesterday we had scheduled two lessons for the same time so we
grabbed a member and Elder Deppe and Elder Kellerstrass went to one
and I went to the other lesson with a Member. Basically the family we
were teaching the dad was a Asian dude who really isn't too into
religion and the mom is a baptist. They are both super nice but the
dad started to really bash with us. It wasn't good and before long he
was yelling. The member I had with me was a recent convert who had
recently been sealed to his wife and his testimony is still growing
and at the end of the lesson he was visibly shaken so I had the chance
to encourage him and let bear my testimony to him. It was pretty nuts.

Since I'm in coos bay I was able to have few hand off lessons with the
North Bend Elders and was able to see my investigators in North Bend.
It was awesome and Melanie and Janet are doing great. It was way
exciting to see them.

Anyway so this week was great and we are starting light a fire in Coos
Bay (Spiritually of course). It has been awesome!

~Elder S. Jackson Martin of The OEM 🌲

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