Monday, August 22, 2016

This week has been a solid week of really intense new transfer. So we
just opened the Coos Bay Area for Elders which has been a bit rough
since we had no investigators or anything but we are working on that.
This week we found a few people but a couple of them ended up being
part of North Bend's area. We have been able to meet a lot of cool
members and people around town which has been great. We are still
living in the old North Bend apartment so we don't actually live in
our area. We just found out that we are seriously limited on miles for
our car so we are trying to conserve that. For the most part that has
been going pretty well for us. It's nice to have a car now.

I am enjoying my companions. They are both awesome. Elder Deppe came
out with me so I already knew he was a stud and Elder Kellerstrass is
a really good guy too. We have had to work super duper hard to build
up somewhat of a teaching pool and that is progressing slowly. This
week we taught a man named Jim who was sort of interested but mostly
just wanted to hear our views. He said that he didn't see how we could
claim the authority to be the only true church. We explained to him
that our authority comes from Jesus Christ and we could literally
trace our priesthood back to him. After a while he said that he had a
nephew who was a preacher and he was going to ask him where he got his
authority and see what he says. That should be interesting. The nice
thing about being so close to North Bend and sharing a building we get
to still see the people I taught and the members that I came to really
enjoy. It's super cool to just be one area over.

Since Elder Kellerstraus is doing New missionary training we go down
to Coquille on Fridays before District meeting and have training. It
was crazy because I hadn't been to New Missionary Training since I was
a greenie nearly one year ago! Crazy how the time flies. It's really
weird being on the coast because the zone goes all the way from
Florence down to Brookings so we are all too spread out to meet up
very often so a lot of the new missionaries had to skype in to the
training. Elder Kellerstrass did a good job and he is really trying
hard to be a good missionary.

Tracting has been interesting. One man answered the door and said,
"I'm Jewish and I don't need the Angel Moroni!" We laughed pretty good
after he slammed the door and wanted to tell him it was Jesus he
needed. One guy last night was a bit drunk and started telling us what
it means to be The Lord of Hosts. Which was interesting except that
none of it made sense. Yesterday we also tracted into a less active
who really wants to come back to church. It was super cool to hear her
story and we were able to set up a return appointment.

Besides all that we have seen a lot of cool things this week like a
guy named Tim turned up at the church and just said, "I felt the Lord
tell me that I was needed here." It was super neat and he stayed all
three hours. Sadly he lives in the North Bend Ward so the Zone Leaders
are going to be the ones teaching him which is a bummer. I miss
sharing a ward with them.

So yep it's been a great great week full of adventure! Thanks for all
your prayers and support! Later!

Elder S. Jackson Martin
Oregon Eugene Mission
North Bend Ward

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