Monday, November 21, 2016

Hey there everyone! It has been a pretty good week this week! W have
been working on contacting a lot of people which has been fun.
Basically same thing we usually do.

We had specialized training this week. It was pretty dang good.
President Russell shared a lot of really good stuff. After that
meeting Elder Lance and I were inspired so we went hard finding folks.
We found a super dope Black dude named Donte. That was pretty fun.
Manuel and Lydia dropped us this week. Well not really they just said
they needed some time. Luckily they have great fellowshippers who are
going to invite them to the Ward Christmas Party.

Besides all this not much exciting happened. Elder Lance had an
interview with President in the Mission Home last night so I just kind
of got to chill in the mission home. Anyway great week! Things are
good. Excited for the holidays! Have a great week!

~Elder S. Jackson Martin

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