Monday, February 6, 2017

Well Elder Ross is my new companion and he's great. He's from
Roosevelt, UT and has been out six months. We have a lot of fun
together and are just super happy to be working hard.

This week was pretty good. We had to push back Andrew to this weekend
for baptism but we had his interview and he is ready to go. Brandi who
is on for February 25 is not doing so well. We kept telling her she
couldn't smoke and she said she would quit but still hasn't so we will
have to push her date back. She's having a hard time without Elder
Willits. She really liked him and she always said I was too hard on
her. I try to be as loving as I can but I'm also trying to be bold
because she has to understand how serious it is. Anyway I'm kind of
torn up about that because she was making great progress. Mark is
doing awesome. He has quit drinking and tobacco and is on track for
March. We are working hard with all of our other people so we are
hoping they can commit. In missionary work I've found we can only do
so much and once we've done our job it's between the investigator and
the spirit. Too many investigators don't read or pray so they don't
have the spirit with them. It's hard to make it when your not letting
the Lord in.

Besides that we had stake Conference. It was great and President
Russell and Sister Russell spoke. Sister Russell cried when she told
everyone that they were going home in June. I wanted to cry too.
Andrew went up for Stake Conference while most the Branch stayed here
and had it broadcast. I was so pleased to hear when the Zone Leaders
Called us and said that he was there and seemed like he was just
excited as can be. He looked like one of the members is what they
said, soon enough that will be true.

Anyway we are having some good times. Last transfer we tracted like
all the the streets so now we are looking for other ways to keep busy.
Anyway more to come next week! Love you all

~Elder S. Jackson Martin

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