Monday, February 6, 2017

From 1/23/2017
We had a great week with a lot of great stuff getting done. We have
been working hard on our investigators on date to make sure they make
it. The people that we are focusing on the hardest are; Brandi, Mark,
and Andrew. They all have dates for baptism in February so we are
praying that they will make it happen. They all seem solid and
committed but sometimes when it gets close I get nervous because of in
Oakridge when someone backed out of baptism a couple days before. I
want them to feel prepared and ready so hopefully the spirit continues
to work with them and they don't give into Satan's garbage.

Friday we had another meeting in Klamath Falls. It was Zone Conference
and I really enjoyed it. That night we went on an exchange with the
Zone Leaders. They changed the way we do exchanges so now instead of
one person from each companionship going to each area now you all just
go to the leader's area. It was kind of interesting but not as much
awesome as the old way. I feel like an old man sometimes because I
tell young missionaries, "Back when I came out..." anyway back to the
exchange! We had some good times and I went out with Elder Thibault.
He has to be one of the best missionaries out here in the Oregon
Eugene Mission and I've always looked up to him. Elder Willits went
with Elder Borden who is a big buff Hawaiian with a football
scholarship to the University of Hawaii. We all went to dinner at this
house with and older couple who were watching the news from the
inauguration and wouldn't turn it off. The lady kept screaming,
WOOT!!" We kept trying to talk about the Gospel but haha they were
kind of interested in other things. Great dinner though, we had steak.
The rest of the night Elder Thibault and I did some tracting and we
got yelled at a lot. Not a lot of people like you knocking at 8:00
i've learned but whatever you just have to fear no man.

Saturday we went shopping in KF and then headed to Lakeview so Elder
Willits could give the Sisters' investigator a Baptismal Interview. He
was so happy and I was glad that he had an uplifting experience.
Sounds like he might be getting transferred Monday. We don't know for
sure but President hinted at it. I was also made designated driver
this morning for the last week of the transfer so it will probably
happen. I'm excited for Elder Willits because his whole mission so far
he has been down here in isolation and hasn't gotten to know many
people in the mission. I'm also worried about it because he is one of
the best missionaries I've worked with and I'm worried a lot of
Missionaries will try to put him down for being so obedient and hard
working. But he can take it.

Well good luck to you all! Talk to you later! Have fun!!!!!!!

~Elder S. Jackson Martin

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