Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hey there everyone! Hope things are going well. It's been a better
week than weeks past. We now do areabook cleanup every day for 2 hours
so we can shrink down potentials which is going well. We have 2 new
referrals who we have been having a hard time catching at home but
soon we hope to catch them because they sound pretty good. This week
we went to a food bank to do service which usually we do every week
but haven't had miles to do it lately. It was cool to help out the
people that volunteer there. They are having a parade at the high
school soon and they want us on their float which we hope we get
permission for. We taught some good lessons this week. I think Fred
and Shelly Sorensen might finally get married which would be so great!
We went and saw Peggy and her son Ron and taught them a lesson. Since
she finally got confirmed Peggy is way excited to come to church more.

President Obama came to town this week and since here in Douglas
County everyone is republican  he was not well received. Now all the
members want to talk politics so we always have to steer them back on
track. In our weekly Book of Mormon class we finished the whole book
so now we are inviting more people to it because nobody comes. I don't
get why people don't want to come read and have a spiritual discussion
with their ward members but whatever.

I was way embarrassed yesterday when the bishopbric second counselor
pointed out to me yesterday that I was wearing non matching shoes.
Besides that it was a good Sunday. This weekend is an open house to
let the community come see the church and learn what we are about so
we've been passing out fliers like candy. Today has been a good p day
too. Today I got some more Magic cards so now I have all 5 dragonlords
from the dragons of tarkir … but what's important is that the card
store owner was way nice and asked some questions to all us
missionaries so that was the really good part. We played some
basketball and things which is always fun to play with all the elders.

I don't know what else to say… I'm starting to like cats. We Have a
bunch that roam around the backyard. We sometimes give them treats and
water because they're hobo cats. Well hope things are good back home!
Love you all!

Elder S. Jackson Martin
Oregon Eugene Mission
South Umpqua Ward

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