Sunday, October 25, 2015

Shaun Jackson Martin

Oct 19 (6 days ago)

Transfers!! If I've learned anything it's to expect anything. Elder
Zilles will be opening a new area over in reedsport and I will get a
follow up trainer- elder sutton. It's his last six weeks and he'll be
a district leader. So this is crazy. We got a new investigator she's a
girl named Cassie whose like 9 but she's a foster kid. The bike is
great I love it. Anyway I don't know what else to say rn. I'll email
everyone after I get my new companion.

Elder S. Jackson Martin
Oregon Eugene Mission
South Umpqua Ward

Shaun Jackson Martin
To Dad

Oct 19 (6 days ago)

Hope all is well back home. I'm short on time with transfers and all
so I won't be able to get an email out with a big summary of the week.
I have my new companion he's pretty cool. His name is elder Sutton
from Gransville Utah. We had an open house at the ward this past week
and one person showed up so that was a bummer. But she seems like a
really nice lady and we have arranged to hopefully teach her, her name
is Donna. Last Friday is when we got transfer calls so elder Zilles
and I weren't expecting anything so when we saw that an AP was calling
us we knew we were in for it. So I'm hoping that since Elder Sutton is
experienced he'll work hard and we'll get a lot done, he just got
released as a zone leader some place. If he starts getting trunks I'll
have to step up I suppose.

Glad you guys had fun in st. George!! I'll talk to you next week!
Happy hunting. Love you

Elder S. Jackson Martin
Oregon Eugene Mission
South Umpqua Ward

**This is a letter from a great coupe who even though are not members of our church, take care of our missionaries. They feed them regularly and Marilyn keeps us posted on any news. They are great.

Good morning,
    Bill and I had the young Elders here for breakfast.  I caught them deep in thought on the first picture.
It's really nice to have them back so early in the morning.
I took several pictures so you could meet the other Elder:
Elder Jackson and Eldon Sutton.
    They will return tomorrow... ONLY if they don't have to head for Eugene.
    By the way, Elder Sutton's birthday...will will have them for breakfast and also dinner that night for hid 22nd birthday.  WOW!!!    Elder Sutton (Drew), will only be here for 6 weeks, then he'll be returning home.
Sent with Love

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