Monday, November 23, 2015

Got the cops called on us this week and that was the highlight so I
figured I should lead with it. Besides that we found two potentials
but they keep flaking on us. This week I went on exchanges with Newton
creek elders and then the Zone Leaders the next day so I feel weird
about not seeing my companion much. During the exchanges we mostly
tracted and did things like that. I had some good conversations with
Elder Eckman from Newton Creek and some fun times with Elder Wells the
ZL but nothing too exciting. Though a cute girl answered a door and
Wells panicked hard and repeated himself a ton. Luckily she thought it
was cute and said we could come back but she's not very interested but
we shall see. Strangely Elder Sutton and I started drinking Pero which
is basically a coffee replacement and doesn't taste bad if you load it
with creamers. This email is all over the place and crazy because I'm
kind of tired.

So about the police being called on us we were tracting a neighborhood
and so I parked out by the road by someone's house. When we got all
done with the street some lady was by the car looking mad. We walked
over and she was like "this is private property!" I almost wanted to
argue because there was no way it was but I held my peace and we
apologized. So let me back up real quick, I have the car key with me
and the house key and church key in the car with all my cute key
chains and when we were walking back to the car I hit the unlock
button before we got close and saw the lady. Anyway but she yelled at
us and said some unkind words and then next thing I know she throws my
keys (which tells me she got them out of the car) at me and hits me
square in the soft spot and then she walked away and said "I called
the cops you're lucky you didn't towed. I was super mad but I just had
to think kind thoughts anyway.

Well besides all that we went on another cool hike today. We hope to
find an investigator this last week but we shall see. Elder Sutton has
his temple trip tomorrow so he's heading to Eugene tonight and I'll be
staying in Roseburg with Elder Kroll. Anyway things are awesome and
life is good. I'll sure miss Elder Sutton but I'm excited to see who
my next companion is. Love you all

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