Monday, November 30, 2015

Well Elder Sutton has left me and I'm now with Elder Kimber. He's been
out for 14 months and he's a nice Elder. This week was crazy!! Elder
Sutton went on his temple trip to Portland so I spent a day in
Melrose. Elder Kroll and I did a ton of service. When Elder Sutton got
back we had an awesome time going out and trying to find people. We
had so many good conversations! Some people almost let us in but then
got cold feet so that was a bummer. I went on exchanges with Elder
Provstgaard (from Salem Utah) from a different zone on a special
assignment to help me find since he was going to Winston to baptize a
lady. He gave me some good tips because he used to serve in Winston
and went on exchanges a lot in South Umpqua so he referred me to some
awesome people to go see so I need to get on that this week and find
them!!!!! Saturday was Cassie's baptism. I sent some pictures of it.
We love Cassie so much!!! Today was way emotional… it was so hectic
and then Elder Sutton left me for home. Man I'm going to miss him he
was awesome!!!

Well sorry this is so short. Transfer days are too busy. I'm way
behind on replying to letters so I will get those done soon! Love you

Elder S. Jackson Martin
Oregon Eugene Mission
South Umpqua Ward

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