Monday, November 16, 2015

So this week has been kind of fast so I'm having a hard time remembering everything so this may be short. Tuesday we went out home teaching with Brother Sherwood as part of our new strategy to get more referrals. It went really well and then the next day we followed up on the referrals we got and we went to one house and some members lived there turns out. The person we were looking for lived with them but they said he wouldn't be interested. We shared a message and they had a self playing grand piano so they showed us how it worked. It was pretty cool I will say. That same day we had a lesson with Maxine and we went over the baptismal interview questions and she had some problems with one of them. I won't say what it was but it took us by surprise but she seemed like it was in the past and so she felt that she had changed and things seemed okay. It's crazy how much Satan can work on people because on Saturday we met with her and she was super mad about us asking such a personal question. We were already going to have her talk to President about it so we gave him a call and he explained things to her while we left the room. After it was over she said it made more sense to her but she didn't want to continue lessons because she would be busy for the next couple months so she would not be baptized. This just broke our hearts and we felt really crushed the rest of the day so we just tried to work hard on tracting.

On a happier note Cassie had her Baptismal interview and is all ready to be baptized this Saturday! We really love teaching her! It's so great when people accept the Gospel and take these commitments to better their lives. We are really looking forward to that baptism. We were tracting and we tracted into a lady we work with at the food bank. It's always a good time when you tract into people you know. We had a long talk about religion which was really nice but she wasn't that interested. This was disappointing since we have been having like 0 success tracting. But I have faith that this week that's going to change so stay tuned ;)

Well besides all that Elder Sutton is getting pretty trunky so I have to keep him on the ball. We have a temple trip this week so WHOOP!! This only makes things worse for Elder Sutton because the next week he is going to the Portland Temple with President and Sister Russell so it's really counting down for him. We've worked so hard and I Would hate for us to let off the throttle now so we will keep at it. 

Well I Love you all! Stay tuned for next week.

Elder S. Jackson Martin
Oregon Eugene Mission

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