Monday, January 25, 2016

It's been a pretty good week out here in Oakridge but a lot of
challenges with investigators too. Shauna and Troy had a way hard week
because their puppy got run over by a truck. Troy was raising him to
be a hunting dog and he was such a smart little guy and pretty well
behaved for a puppy but he got excited when they were taking him
outside and he took off into the rode. They had all kinds of other
stuff happen but it's personal stuff so o won't say too much. They are
making arrangements to get married so hopefully we can get Shauna on
date for baptism before too long. She is so excited and Troy even is
super pumped and wants to get re baptized. We are so excited for them!

Our other investigators on date are doing well mostly. Two of them are
being really flakey and it has us worried. Some other investigators of
ours are really wanting to got to a different church but said they
would prayerfully consider it so hopefully they come to the right
conclusion. We had a worldwide missionary broadcast which introduced
that our goal as missionaries is to teach repentance and baptize
converts this year. The next day we had specialized training and we
got to hear instruction from President and Sister Russell. They are
both so great and I learned a ton of things there. It's kind of fun
because for things like that we get to go to Eugene and it basically
feels like going back to the place of your birth.

I've been trying to seem like less of a robot when we tract so I'll
ask people questions about themselves at the door right away so
they're a bit more open and it usually works. Like yesterday we
knocked on this door and when the person answered I asked if the river
was always so loud and they said "Only during the winter time" and I
was like "oh is it annoying when you try to sleep?" And she said "No
it's quite soothing" and then we had a pleasant conversation then we
incorporated the gospel and she was way less nervous around toward us
by the time we brought in the gospel. Lately I've been wanting to work
more with members to get referrals because I've seen success from that
but Elder Johnson always wants to tract and I don't understand it
sometimes because we tract so much with no success.

I've met some awesome members this week and I feel way more
comfortable here than I did last week. We don't get fed much but when
we do its a real treat. I've been making myself a lot of salads lately
and they've been pretty tasty. If anybody knows any good recipes of
anything you can send them to me. I'm looking for something else to
eat other than hot pockets and salad with an occasional sandwich.

Embarrassing moment of the week!!!! I was sitting in specialized
training and we were in a chapel with some sisters sitting behind us.
I was sitting next to a new missionary named Elder Lambert and him and
I get along pretty good. I put my arm across the bench you know like
people do when they try to get comfortable in those hardwood pews. I
reached back and thought my had was touching a hymn book from the row
behind me and so I started pulling on it without even really thinking
about it. Suddenly a voice behind me says "That's my foot" and I
realized that I was touching Sister Ansus's foot! I almost died of
embarrassment but it's okay she didn't seem too weirded out.

Well I love you all! I'm loving my mission and can't wait to see what
else happens this week!!! Love y'all!

Elder S. Jackson Martin
Oregon Eugene Mission
Oakridge Branch

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