Monday, February 1, 2016

  Jackson's Mormon Sith impression. (not sure if videos will work)....

Well this week has been a bit lame but really good all at once!! We
now have 6 INVESTIGATORS ON DATE FOR BAPTISM!!! We are so excited for
all of them! Monday we got a call from a member in the Branch saying
her husband George wanted to take the lessons and get baptized! We
were thrilled. We had seen him at church and started to wonder if he
was interested and boom there it was! He wants to have the opportunity
to baptize his daughter and we are so happy for him! We put him on
date in the first lesson and he's so solid.

Tuesday we had a bunch of lessons and got our investigator Donnie on
date for baptism. He seemed pretty excited to take that step but first
he has to quite smoking. We met with our other investigator Joe, who
is already on date, and he is excited to go forward in the gospel and
get baptized so we talked about a lot of the commandments and it looks
like he is clean as far as a lot of the commandments he just needs to
make time for church. A lot of our other Lessons fell through
including Shauna and Troy but we scheduled to have dinner and a lesson
with them the next day. Elder Johnson was a little discouraged because
some of our investigators dropped us so I had to remind him that
rejection is part of the job.

Wednesday was UGLY!!! We went out and tried to do some finding most of
the day and we stopped at DQ for lunch and a really nice man paid for
our lunch. We were so very grateful to him. The only bad thing is next
thing we knew we were sick as a couple of dogs. It was so lame I guess
we got some kind of food poisoning. We had to take a bit of a rest so
we didn't throw up or anything and that seemed to work great for us.
We went out and saw some people until it was time for dinner with
Shauna and Troy who made tasty BBQ chicken. We talked with them about
getting married so Shauna could get baptized and Troy could get re
baptized. We are so excited for them! When we got home I started
filling sick again and that whole night I couldn't even sleep a wink
because my bed is just the worst and I had a bad headache and felt
like throwing up. I finally got to sleep at 4:00 in the morning.

Thursday I was oober sick. I called the President's wife and she told
me to get some sleep. I didn't argue and took a nap. I started feeling
a bit better so we went out contacting. One house had the smell of
weed so strong in it that it took a lot for me to not throw up in
their house. The rest of the day I felt pretty miserable but we still
had a lesson with George and it went pretty well. That night we went
and saw our 15 year old investigator Silvia and got all her
arrangements for her baptism figured out for the 12th of this month.

Friday we had district meeting. And my voice was super scratchy but I
was feeling a lot better. Elder Johnson taught a pretty good district
meeting and then afterward he had district leader training so I hung
around with some other elders for a bit and we talked about life.
Finally they got done so Elder Johnson and I took of and stopped at
Walmart so we could get our groceries before we we banished once more
to Oakridge. I got a foam thing for my bed and a better pillow so I no
longer feel like I'm sleeping on a rock. We got back and taught some
great lessons and had dinner again with Shauna and Troy. They made a
killer lasagna! I've come to realize that nobody cooks as good as my
mom or grandmothers but Shauna might come close.

Saturday was good we had some good lessons and we met some awesome
guys named Marcus and Donavan who are way cool but have some
interesting views on Christianity. We set up to meet with them again
and they said that would be "the dopest dope they ever smoked" so we
might have to talk about that next time. Marcus has an awesome Afro
that he been growing out for 3 years. It's HUGE.

Sunday was awesome we had some good lessons and talks. We heard from
President Allen on Sabbath observance and he did a great job. After
church we went finding and taught a few lessons.

Well this has been the life of the fippin Mormon missionaries. I'm
loving it!! I love you all and hope you're doing great!!

Elder S. Jackson Martin
Oregon Eugene Mission
Oakridge Branch

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