Sunday, September 20, 2015

Well everyone I am a changed man who now weighs almost 140 pounds rather than 130. 
The MTC has been a great experience but I'm excited to hop on the plane tomorrow at 8:40 to Eugene. 
Elder Oaks came and gave a talk to all the missionaries last week and that was such a treat! He gave us all kinds of tips on how to better serve our Missions. Elder Webb has been good though he keeps misquoting Star Wars and The Dark Knight and I want to correct him but I have to stay focused on the work, though sometimes I tell him he's doing it wrong. 

I choked for my only time in the MTC last Thursday. It was scary for some of our district because they just heard my disgusting choking sounds and saw me grab Elder Webb and run off to the bathroom to take care of it. It took me nearly two hours to get it down and I was only able to do it because someone just so happened to have a can of Coke in the room next door. I gave my thanks to God because the Elder said he didn't know why he even bought it, he didn't even like Coke. 

Sleeping is really hard because Elder Webb bears his testimony in his sleep and it drives me crazy. Though I did fall asleep in the Temple, but it did come back to bite me later when I was falling asleep and they asked the sisters to raise their arms to the square and I did it with them. I was so embarrassed. It has been hard to say goodbye to the other Elders and Sisters in our Zone and District go to Denver and St. Louis, they were all so great and will change lives. Now it's just the Oregon Boys left: Webb, Wright, Hicks, and me. 

If any of you get bored or something you can always email me, I would love to hear from you. I'm so grateful for my MTC experience and now I get to go bless lives and be closer to God than ever before. We had our final lessons with Dreazo and Kai which both went very well. Well I love you all so much! good luck with your lives! I'll send pictures soon! Oh and turns out I'm the chosen one! Just check out page 123 of Preach My Gospel. Next time I email I'll be in Oregon!

Elder S. Jackson Martin
Oregon Eugene Mission

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